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429/04 Zinnfix tin-ammoniac stone in a can

Effective cleaning – without nasty acidic fumes
– Zinnfix cleans and tin-plates in one go
– No effort required
– No rubbing to and fro
– No acidic fumes
– Neatly packed in a convenient metal can
– Lasts far longer than a regular salmiak stone

ZINNFIX is a new kind of cleaning stone, whereby solder bits can be cleaned far quicker and without any effort required at all. And it produces no aggressive acidic fumes either…
In addition to its cleaning agents, ZINNFIX is enriched with tin solder and copper additions so that cleaning the soldering iron is also pre-tin coating at the same time.

ZINNFIX is always stowed in a resealable metal tin, which prevents the soldering gear from being pitted or otherwise contaminated.

Plus, as ZINNFIX does not smoke as much as conventional ammonium chloride stone, it also lasts far longer.

Here’s how it works
All you do is push the hot soldering iron into the ZINNFIX can.
This innovative cleaning substance melts at the contact point with the soldering bit and cleans it – without all the effort of rubbing and no aggressive acidic smoke either – completely automatically! Close the can and the job’s done…

The craftsman’s tip
A problem we all know about…
After every soldering job the bit has to be cleaned with a salmiak stone (ammonium chloride). In the
past, this was the only way to remove metal oxides that accumulated on the bit when soldering. The hot soldering iron is pushed firmly into the salmiak stone and moved to and fro at the same time. The salmiak stone made from ammonia and hydrochloric acid melts and releases the aggressive hydrochloric acid to clean the bit while producing a lot of smoke.
With Zinnfix it’s all much quicker and easier and there’s no nasty acidic smoke.

Tin-ammoniac stone in a can for cleaning and pre-tinning the copper pieces in a single working process – The tin-ammoniac stone melts on contact with the hot copper piece, no more rubbing back and forth required!